Kick Ass(*) Personal Safety Training

Self-Defence and Assertiveness Skills for Increased Confidence


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Kick Ass (*) Personal Safety Training with Kate Manley and Rakesh Patel combines safety awareness, self-defence and assertiveness skills for adults, young people and children.  All training is delivered in an age-appropriate way with an emphasis on self-awareness, effective skills and confidence building.

Rakesh is a registered Self-Defence Instructor with the British Combat Association and Kate is a UKCP registered Psychotherapist and a Personal Development Coach.

Together we teach a powerful combination of physical techniques, psychological strategies and emotional resilience to help participants develop expertise in protecting themselves from physical and emotional harm.  We teach you how to connect with your inner 'no' and  harness your innate capacity to kick ass (*).

(*) 'Kick ass' is about the appropriate, safe and legal use of effective personal safety strategies.  'Kick ass' expresses the part of us that is outraged that anyone would want to hurt us. It is the part of us that can state clearly 'this is not acceptable to me'.  The part of us that will stand up for ourselves.  It is our capacity to protect ourselves with the force required to ensure our own safety.   We ALL have it in us to do this (even if we think we don't!).

Our next workshop is for students age 18+ and will take place on Saturday 2 January 2016 in the Hitchin/Letchworth area.  Click this link for more details.

The site for Kate's personal development coaching work is currently under construction at the new address of  I am hoping this will be ready to go live by early December 2015.

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